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I'm an expat working here in the Philippines. It was such a great pleasure having my treatment at CorDerm and meeting one of the best dermatologists in the Philippines and maybe the world - Dr. Margaret. I got some bad rashes on my face for almost 2 months. After seeing 3 dermatologists including the expensive and high-end dermatologists of Makati and BGC, and getting almost no results, I went to Dr. Margaret and in a week, my rashes have subsided! The feedbacks that I've read are indeed true!
Posted By: G.Andres
I arrived in Manila in a very bad condition with my skin ashma. I was already in search of treatment with my condition. I went straight to see Corderm and meet Dr Corcoran. Im glad I did. SHe provided me everything I needed, from my shampoo to my very dried scalp, to my lotion and soap , to my medication.
I came back after a week and to a surprise on how my skin have been better

I enjoyed every single minute of my consultation with her. She listens to me with undivided attention . Takes time to have a built relationship and connection to her patient that you dont see anymore with our present doctors.

I am back to the states now but before I left, I made sure that I an loaded with their products which does works and cost fair.

Now, I am looking forward on seeing them more

Please , I highly recommend to all to try her office
Posted By: Josefina Castleberry
I was a patient and I had my appointment in February. I had the facial and also purchased the products Dr. Corcoran prescribed to me for my acne problems and I have been committed to using them since then. I have to say that was the best facial I've had in a long time. Also this has been the longest time that I've gone without any acne breakouts. The products she gave me really suits my skin and they helped keep my acne at bay. I also told her about my ugly and painful breakouts during my period but this time I have no breakouts at all. your clinic has truly helped me a lot. I've been recommending you to my friends and family. I also admire the friendly but professional atmosphere in your establishment. Can't wait to go back in April for my check-up. Thanks, CorDerm! God bless!
Posted By: Camille
I had several deep acne scars all over my face and had been looking for dermatological remedy since I have started working here in Manila. After a series of on-line search and plain review of different derma centers' services and medical staff personnel's credentials, I decided to choose CORDERM's (http://corderm.com/). After a short email of inquiry and sms, I received immediate replies and had my first visit and free consultation. I was convinced by the medical opinion of Dr. Corcoran and after a week, I had undergone Subcision and CROSS treatment (http://corderm.com/services-available/scar-treatments-available). From Dr Corcoran's assessment, I need to undergo around 7-8 sessions but after the first session, I saw already significant improvement on the skin's surface leveling from deep acne scars. I was vey satisfied with the result (and just had my second session last Dec.29, 2014) on top of a friendly yet professional atmosphere inside the clinic. Today, January 10, 2015, I am planning to drop by Corderm's clinic for medical assessment of my second session and looking forward to finish the treatment program in less than half of the sessions as originally assessed by Dr. Corcoran.
Posted By: Ger
I had treatment for my stretchmarks and scars at CorDerm and I'm happy with the results. Dr. Corcoran gave all the necessary information for the treatments so I was aware of what to expect. I've been to other dermatologists and for me she is the best!
Posted By: Leah
I'm so thankful to have been Dr. Corcoran's patient. I went to another dermatologist before and he said that my mole was just normal. Good thing that Dr. Corcoran biopsied my mole which turned out to be cancerous. Dr. Corcoran saved my life! I will forever be grateful.
Posted By: Cole
I was very impressed with Dra. Corcoran and staff for being accommodating, friendly and professional in handling my concerns. As Dra. said, "tiis-ganda." I'm very happy with my treatments. Sadly I don't have enough time to complete my sessions but I will definitely come back. Thank you very much corderm :)
Posted By: Marlo
I'm not someone who would rave about a skin lightening treatment too fast, but I just had to let everyone know that if you want really fast skin lightening with healthy, pinkish glow, Celestial Infusion is the treatment for you. I had Celestial Infusion last week and it was truly amazing how fast I noticed the skin lightening and glow results! Right after the treatment, I noticed my arms and face to be lighter then when I woke up the next day and looked at myself in the mirror, I was already a shade lighter with a healthy glow! All my friends have noticed the change in my skin tone. Thanks, Dr. Corcoran and CorDerm!
Posted By: Yaz
I had Slow IV Glutathione drip at CorDerm a week ago to just try it out and I was really surprised at how many compliments I got from my officemates! I feel better and look better (glowing and lighter-skinned and all that!). I can't wait for my next session. :)
Posted By: Jo-ann
I just had 1 session of treatment for my deep acne scars and I saw significant improvement already. Thank you, Dr. Corcoran! God bless your clinic!
Posted By: Sheryl

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